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Founder & CEO : Hossein Rad
Artistic direction & Co-founders : Gauthier Gardet & Laetitia Bournazac
Web design & Brand design : Gauthier Gardet & Laetitia Bournazac
Film Director : Maryam Goormaghtigh

HoranSounds is a production and booking agency, working on different kinds of traditional music projects from Iran, central Asia and near eastern countries. Here you will discover our catalog, with its 14 Iranian traditional music groups and their 61 musicians.
These groups represent major trends of contemporary Iranian traditional music from all around the country.

Brand identity

Gauthier Gardet, Hossein Rad, and I created a production and booking agency for world music artists and producers. Our aim is to change the image of this category of music which is often, not known or misunderstood.

The brand identity is to translate many concepts. People from the world has to identity, thanks to all the colors, that throw back to the colors of the different artist outfit.

Strong images / videos to let the artist talk with their own style. We wanted a strong identity, that let the artist soul talk, by choosing those peeps colors.

The logo translate the fusion between the different cultures, rhythms, and harmony present in the world and in the music. It’s roundness and colors represent the planet as the musical note who expends and mix simultaneously, the blackhole is the way to dive into the world music.