pop is a new service of prevention. A 15 min talk with a nurse, a digital check up. Few questions about you and your «medical history», and an instant result about how your heart is feeling. Using a algorythm, an app and connected devices, we developed a new technology from scratch.
The users : companies and nurses for the population.


The backoffice

to manage the events & the nurses


Create an event - Associate a nurse - Monitor in real time

To automize the set up of any events we created a back office able to manage the organisation and control the app. The admin, or a company, is able to create, and organize a pop event fast and easily if he has access to the back office. By creating nurses accounts, and linking it to an event, the user can follow the evolution of a lot of parameter in real time, and export the info he needs.

To scan instantly your cardiovascular age

Ask, Measure, Result, & Adapted tips

USERS : NURSES for the participants

15 min questions with a nurse, an app with a strong algorithm, connected devices & instant result

The nurse has a little learning session, to be familiar with the concept and the app. The user is guided by mails and documentations. After that he is ready to pop. By asking few questions to the participants, and thanks to the algorythm we implemented, the nurses is able to know instantly more about our everyday habits and health, and can easily guide us to take care of ourselves.

The user get the result & personalised tips

adapted to her.his life style


instant result, prevention without move, personalized moment for your health

The participant has explanation about his health, and parameter he can’t really understand alone. There is no excuse «i don’t have the time» as health knocks at your door directly, for only 15 min. 

After the pop experience, the user can find his results directly by mail, and can give feed backs of his experience. The idea is to motivate the user to go further than just a check up.

A follow up program to motivate

Web, app tablet & mobile personnalized thanks to the results


An app that help you to do little things, to change a lot

The result of the screening is instantly send to the program, that starts to create your program, it’s like a new friend who try to know you by heart and motivates you to do small great things.


user experience : satisfaction of the participant

Primary colors


UI Pictograms


Character design

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